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All Police Codes is the most comprehensive guide for police codes and information about police 10 codes, police 11 codes, police abbreviations, police nicknames, police radio codes, police scanner codes, CA penal codes, TX penal codes, alphabet for police, emergency response codes and selection of the best police scanners.

This website is for those among us who love police and their activities and happy to learn as much as they can about their activities, like us.

All Police Codes has a professional staff that is here to server you with all aspects of radio and wireless devices.

All Police codes is proud to provide this information for the use of the public helping our visitors with the best information available about police codes and police scanners. We are always keen to improve the service and the information provided on this website. If you are looking for any information that you cannot find within the website, please write us using the contact us form and our team will be happy to find the information and update you as well as the website.

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